Shoe Donation

shoe donation

Donate Used Athletic Shoes to Help the Environment

Is cleaning out your closet on your spring-cleaning to-do list this year? Many people create a collection of used shoes that sit in their closet—forgotten and never worn. Being an organization that is for social responsibility, we ask you to consider donating your gently used athletic shoes to the Modular Organic Regenerative Environments Program (The MORE Program). With the help of hundreds of organizations like the Illinois Valley YMCA, the MORE Program collects gently used athletic shoes, which allows them to plant trees and train poor farmers in the cultivation and conservation of trees.

So how does the program work? You may have noticed the MORE Foundation’s collection box located at the front desk of the Illinois Valley YMCA. This box is where our members can drop their gently used athletic shoes for donation. Once the box is filled, it is shipped back to the MORE Foundation so they can use them to benefit the environment. Donating the shoes keeps them out of landfills, and the proceeds from the shoes help MORE plant thousands of trees each year, which helps reduce carbon in the atmosphere.

You’re probably wondering, “What becomes of the shoes that are donated?” According to the MORE Program website, “The shoes are sold in major metro areas to vendors who in turn create jobs and help improve the quality of life in cities.  The vast majority of Africans cannot afford new shoes. The proceeds from the sale of the shoes provides training and tools to the poorest rural farmers. In addition to funding several life-changing efforts, collecting used shoes and selling them to locals in Ghana provides additional environmental benefits.” Don’t let your gently used athletic shoes pile up in your closet or fill landfills. Instead, Donate them at the Illinois Valley YMCA front desk during your next visit.

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