Youth Aquatics Lessons

YMCA Safety Around the Water

Safety Around the Water is a free program that is similar to normal swim lessons, but with an increased focus in safety. Kids will learn a variety of ways to be safer by water and what to do in a bad or dangerous situation involving water. The program should not be used to fully supplement swimming lessons because it is based off of teaching skills to be safe more than teaching children how to swim.

Program Name Program Code Time Date Days
Water Acclimation17JUN1AQSAW016:15-7:00 PM6/12-6/22Monday-Thursday
Water Movement17JUN1AQSAW026:15-7:00 PM6/12-6/22Monday-Thursday
Water Stamina17JUN1AQSAW036:15-7:00 PM6/12-6/22Monday-Thursday
Water Acclimation17JUN1AQSAW016:15-7:00 PM7/10-7/20Monday-Thursday
Water Movement17JUN1AQSAW026:15-7:00 PM7/10-7/20Monday-Thursday
Water Stamina17JUN1AQSAW036:15-7:00 PM7/10-7/20Monday-Thursday