Life Church


Life Church at the Illinois Valley YMCA

We are a small church… and we are okay with that.
At Life Church we believe that empty religion is useless, harsh we know.
You won’t find any flashy sets, lights, or well polished and choreographed Sunday mornings.

But… here is what you will find.
You will find a group of people that want to be the best neighbors you’ve ever had, the best co-workers, bosses, employees, nurses, teachers, counselors, construction workers, etc. We want to be the kindest people, the most generous, the happiest, the friendliest.
We want this because we firmly believe this is what Jesus wants from us, wants for us. Who Jesus was and how he lived really matters. We are really trying to live that out everyday. Trying. We’re still figuring out exactly what that means each and every day. You will not find perfect people. In fact, if you hang around us for a while you’ll see that we don’t even act like so called “normal Christians.” We struggle with this life in much the same way as you

To us Jesus is more than music, T-shirt slogans, a box to check on a census form, or a cultural identity. To us… being Christians means we really try to live the Christian life.  Being part of Life Church means, you want your faith to be real, and that real faith… it changes everything in your life.

If you’re still reading this…give us a try.  What do you have to lose?
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