Wellness Center

Wellness Training

Are you thirteen years of age and tired of just playing in the gym and are you serious about getting in shape? Well the YMCA has a program for you.

Sign up now to receive your Wellness Center Training from one of the quality YMCA personal trainers. To complete the Blue Card Training you will need to study the Blue Card Study Sheet. After you review the study sheet and tour the Wellness Center there is a test; you must correctly answer 75% of the questions to receive your blue card.

Class is required to use the Wellness Center. You must have your Blue Card Training and Blue Card on your person at all times when in the Wellness Center.

Who: YMCA members age 11 & 12
How: Call the YMCA at 815-223-7904 to set up your appointment
Fee: Free to YMCA Members only


Illinois Valley Y Wellness Center has outstanding health and fitness facilities and equipment.

  • Complete Life Fitness and Hammer Strength Exercise Circuits
  • New Lifecycles, Treadmills, and Cross Trainers
  • Over 150 different cardio and strength machines
  • Group Fitness Classes
  • Separate and complete Free Weight room
  • Flat Screen Entertainment on Cardio Machines
  • 9 Personal Trainers
  • 12 Group Fitness Instructors

ActivTrax Program

ActivTrax will guide you by accurately recommending the appropriate weight for you to lift on the equipment in the Wellness Center. Using the results of a simple test and individual goals, ActivTrax creates a customized exercise and meal plan for you.

With each visit to the Y, enter your username and password at the FitQuest kiosk. The kiosk will then print a detailed exercise plan for you for this particular visit. Follow the workout plan, record the number of repetitions you perform, and enter the results back at the kiosk. ActivTrax then analyzes your performance and makes any necessary adjustments for your next workout. With every visit comes a new and unique workout plan. Participating in a variety of cardiovascular activities and working different muscles will be key to your success!

You will also able to also receive nutritional guidance through the ActivTrax meal planner from home, work, or any web-accessible computer. Your meal plan is customized to your dietary preferences.

Best of all, you aren’t tied to just one location. You have access to your personalized workouts, meal plans, and feedback from any web-accessible computer!


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