Swimming Lesson Info

Swimming Lesson

Lessons are offered from Aquatots, preschool, and to Learn to Swim. We have ongoing lessons. For more information click on the links under detailed program information and schedule or contact the courtesy counter at the YMCA at 815-223-7904.


The philosophy of the Illinois Valley YMCA Swim Lesson Program is to help each child develop to his or her fullest potential in spirit, mind and body. Remember: Children may be in the same level for several sessions progressing at their own rate of development.

Spiritual Development- Classes encourage Christian values by exploring positive ways to handle situations, advocating group cooperation and enhancing the lives of others.

Mental Development

Students are challenged to improve their problem solving abilities and aquatics knowledge through discussions of safety, first aid and mechanics of swimming.

Physical Development

A portion of each class is devoted to increasing coordination, endurance and fitness.


Our swim lesson program continues its excellence with five major components:

Personal Safety

To teach accident prevention and survival skills in, on and around the water.

Stroke Development

To increase strength and endurance, try new skills and learn stroke mechanics

Water Sports & Activities

To develop confidence, stamina & a cooperative attitude.

Personal Development

To improve self esteem by making value decisions and developing leadership skills.


To introduce basic non-swimming assists and simple aquatic emergency care.

Skill Evaluation

Skills are evaluated the first and second day of lessons. Skill levels may have declined since your child’s last set of lessons. Children are only permitted in class levels that correspond to their skill level at the present time.

Make Up Procedure

There is no provision made for swim class makeup for children missing classes. This is so the students registered will have quality and consistency in their lessons. If classes are cancelled by the Illinois Valley YMCA, arrangements will be made to make up the class.


Obtain the Swim Lesson Information Brochure at the YMCA and determine what level will be appropriate for your child. All programs have a minimum and maximum enrollment. If the minimum enrollment has not been reached four business days prior to the program start date, the Illinois Valley YMCA reserves the right to cancel, postpone or consolidate the program with another. If a program is cancelled, full refunds or account credits will be issued. If you are unable to register before the start of the class please fill out waiting list information. Based on instructor availability and class size, you will be contacted by the Aquatic Director only if a spot is available for the session you have requested. Due to instructor vacation, illness and availability your child may not always have the same instructor but they will have an instructor. Always have your child go to the designated meeting place for class. Full payment must be made upon registration for any aquatic programs or events for each child.



Observation Policy

With your child’s best interest in mind, parents are invited to their child’s  session of classes. Spectators will be asked to wait on the bleachers, concessions or other areas of the YMCA during class time. Please do not arrive on deck until 5 minutes prior to class. Most importantly, please return for your child on time.

Refund Policy and Program Cancellation

  •  Payment of class fee is required at time of registration in order to secure your enrollment.
  • Certain programs have a separate registration form.
  • Refunds/Credit Vouchers


Refund – The YMCA will offer a refund, only when we cancel a class.

Credit Vouchers – The YMCA will electronically deposit the credit amount into the member/participant’s YMCA account (not a bank account).
It can be redeemed toward any program, product or service the Illinois Valley YMCA offers.

a) The YMCA reserves the right to cancel, reschedule or combine classes that do not have sufficient enrollment. In the event of a canceled class due to lack of enrollment, a full refund or credit will be issued.
b) A pro-rated refund will only be given if participation ceases due to medical reasons. A note from the doctor will enable one to receive a refund.
c) There are no credits given for individual classes missed.
d) Some programs require a deposit/registration fee that is non-refundable. Participant cancellation in these programs will result in loss of the deposit.
e) The YMCA will not make up or refund any programs (i.e. swim lessons, aerobic classes, camps, etc.) that fall on a holiday.

Program Cancellations

In the event of insufficient enrollment, the YMCA may need to cancel a class. If this occurs, we will contact you and issue a full refund.