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Planned Gifts & Donations

Our promise is to provide exceptional programs for everyone—even those with limited resources. Your generosity helps to ensure this promise and your partnership is vital to the YMCA’s commitment to finding solutions, transforming lives and creating lasting community impact. We can’t do it without you!

Thanks to the generosity of people like yourself, hundreds of children will have the opportunity to develop positive values, experience the great outdoors, enjoy youth sports and aquatics, expand their horizons in the humanities, learn new skills in camps, receive safe child care, become teen leaders, make friends and spend time with their families.

Become a Partner of Youth

Help kids grown strong through your gift. Every child, regardless of their family’s ability to pay, will have the opportunity to participate in a YMCA program. This is where you come in…your contribution keeps us strong, and helps us fulfill our mission of building healthy spirit, mind and body for all.

Strong Kids

Strong Kids Makes an Impact

No one is turned away because of an inability to pay! The Illinois Valley Y continues to be an integral part of the community, providing building blocks for strong futures. With your generosity and foresight you can play a vital role in our future and the future of our children.

Thousands have benefited through the Strong Kids Program. Each year the Y has a Strong Kids Campaign. The funds raised from the Strong Kids Campaign allows kids to attend summer day camp, give Y membership scholarships, before/after school care, pre-school enrichment, swim lessons, tumbling, youth sports, swim team participation, youth membership and more. Strong Kids provides day care to those in need. Strong Kids offers seniors on fixed incomes the ability to afford quality exercise facilities. Strong Kids offers kids a place to go after school. Strong Kids gives pre-school children a head start. Families rely on the Strong Kids Campaign for care year round.

Give to the lllinois Valley’s future by making a generous contribution this year.

Help us provide more families with the unique opportunities that make the Y experience so special. It will make a difference greater than you know.

The total amount of Family and Individual Scholarships the Illinois Valley Y absorbed in 2015 so far is- $176,800.00.

Single Parent Family481
Young Adult8
Before/After School Programs35
Swim Team and Swimming14
All other Programs110




The Illinois Valley YMCA is a 501 C (3) not for profit organization. Your gifts are tax deductible.

Heritage Club

Heritage Club (Endowment Fund)

Established in 1969 the Illinois Valley Y has been an integral part of the community. for generations, the Y has been meeting the needs of many through our value-based programs and services.

We believe that creating strong foundations are vital to the growth and development of people, and therefore, to our mission. The values that are a part of everything we do, including respect, honest, self-reliance and cooperation provide the cornerstones for these foundations. If you share our values and beliefs, and our concern for tomorrow’s youth, a gift or bequest to the Illinois Valley Y. Foundation can help build a stronger future for everyone.

The Heritage Club brings together people who have made a commitment to include the Y in their financial or estate planning. Anyone can become a member!

Members of the Heritage Club are people who have shown their long-term interest and support of the Y by making provision for a planned gift to the Illinois Valley Y Foundation.

A gift to the Illinois Valley Y Foundation can be made in numerous ways during your lifetime, or afterwards.

The Following are Some of the Ways in Which You Can Become a Heritage Club Member:

Naming the Illinois Valley Y to receive a bequest in your will.

Existing Life Insurance
Purchase a life insurance policy naming the Illinois Valley YMCA as the beneficiary, and take a charitable deduction equal to the premium amount. Several plans are available in which a new policy can be fully paid in a period of five to seven years.

Creation of charitable trust, gift annuity or gift debenture.

Outright Gift
A gift of money, securities, real estate, or other marketable assets. Download a printable PDF of our helpful Estates Planning booklet or ask for one at our front desk.

Most importantly, your gift can be structured to provide financial security for you and your heirs while maximizing its impact for the Y. As an integrated part of your overall financial plan, the benefits from your gift could help secure your family’s future even as it supports the work of the Y for generations to come.

The Illinois Valley Y is a premier youth serving organization. We believe the values and ideals we have upheld for decades are still an integral part of every child’ s upbringing. These values build a strong foundation, one that withstands a lifetime. Honesty, respect for others and oneself, confidence and integrity are just a few of the pieces needed to create the whole. At the Y we strive to make sure they are all a part of everything we do.

With your support, the Y can continue to place building blocks wherever they may be needed.

We hope you will consider becoming a Y Heritage Club Member




The Illinois Valley YMCA is a 501 C (3) not for profit organization. Your gifts are tax deductible.

Invest in Youth Advertisers Club

Youth Advertisers Club

The Invest in Youth Advertisers Club is an annual campaign that provides funds for those who cannot afford YMCA services. The YMCA does not turn anyone away for inability to pay. Due to the generosity of members, program participants, local businesses and friends of the Y, this mission is a reality with family scholarships and program services granted to those in need in every year. Without the Invest in Youth campaign, hundreds of children, teens, adults, and seniors simply could not afford a membership of program at the Y. Your dollars stay local, directly building a stronger community. Make your contributions today!
What: The Illinois Valley Y Invest in Youth Advertisers Club is an opportunity to get your business’s name out to the community and a way to help sponsor Y programs.

Who: Open to all businesses and individuals interested in helping sponsor Y youth programs.


What do I get for my contribution?

*Gold Club
Sponsor name in brochure
Every newsletter
Sports T-shirts
Two Senior Citizen Luncheons to present your business
Web page
Silver Club
Sponsor name in brochure
Sports T-shirts for kids
One Senior Citizen Luncheons to present your business
Bronze Club
Sports T-shirts for kids
Sponsor name in brochure

*Gold Club – The Y will offer you to call Bingo, hand out business items, senior information, and give seminars.



  • Senior lunch 60-8- twice a month
  • Kids T-shirts 500 Sports Sponsors
  • Brochures – 6,000
  • Email Newsletters – 3,500 Weekly
  • Web Page – Thousands of hits monthly

Capital Specific Gifts

Many friends of the Y have specific programs or facilities they would like to benefit. The Y will accomodate your gift request.

The Mendota Building Fund

Your gift can be structured to provide financial security for you and your heirs while maximizing its impact for the Y.

The Bright Beginnings Program

The Bright Beginnings Program

The Bright Beginnings Program is a community outreach program that provides children the fall clothes and school supplies needed to start the new school year with confidence and pride. YMCA volunteers and staff make a big celebration of this annual event. Please join us in this effort today!

There are many ways to get involved

Be a Backpack Buddy
Purchase a backpack, fill it with supplies, and drop it off at the YMCA. Below are items for the Backpack Buddy.

Kindergarten – Second Grades
Box of Tissues
Colored Pencils
Fat Crayons
Glue Sticks
Pencil box
Magic Markers
Mead Composition Books
Pocket Folders
Scissors, blunt edge
Spiral notebook
Ziploc bags (sandwich size)

Third – Fifth Grades
Box of Tissues
Colored Pencils
Crayons – 24 or 48 count
Glue Sticks
Magic Markers
Mead Composition Books
Index Cards
Notebook Binder
Pencil pouch
Pens – blue or black
Pocket Folders




Any questions or concerns, please contact Dave Potthoff or Joanne Sabotta at the YMCA at 815-223-7904 or email: d.potthoff@comcast.net or jsabotta@comcast.net

What Can My Gift Do?


Provides 1 child with a week of summer day camp.


Allows a youngster to participate in youth
sports for a full year.


Provides a year of
pre-school Enrichment
for a 2 yr. old.


Provides 3 kids with
a full week of summer camp.


Provides a YMCA membership to an
entire family.


Provides 5 kids with
a full week of summer camp.


Provides nonrecurring start-up costs for a new YMCA After-school program.